Take a closer look at our farms...

We believe in coffee being sustainable for everyone involved in the “coffee value chain”, from the people who work at the farms to the consumers who drink it on an everyday basis. To achieve sustainability in coffee we work hard on three main premises: 1) low impact in the environment while producing & processing coffee, 2) job security to everyone who wants to join our team & 3) strive for “win-win” commercial relationships.

Everyone in our team knows their craft, we believe in excellency in everything we do. All our coffees are treated with respect, from the picking to the cupping table, we keep track of every aspect related to quality & traceability in our operation. Being a specialty coffee mill not a commercial coffee mill gives us the chance to carefully oversee each process, from picking cherries at a specific “lot” up to preparing our coffees to export. 

Everyone is important in our organization and everyone performs a very special task with a purpose. Education in coffee is a key element for success and we love learning and implementing new ways of doing things, constant training in the different aspects of coffee growing and processing is something we engage in constantly. From having two Q graders in our team to training coworkers on how to safely use chainsaws to prune shade trees, we empower our human resource and motivate them to become better coffee professionals.


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