Beneficio El Recreo

Our Mill was built in 2015, it was the right time to process our own coffees and we had a clear idea how we wanted to approach milling. Our main focus was to build a facility that would be modern and friendly with the environment. From our machinery to our plant layout, everything was perfectly placed to create an adequate setting to process quality coffee. Beneficio El Recreo is a mid-size wet mill with the capacity to depulp 2500 metric tons of fresh coffee cherries in a single harvest using a very small amount of water and electricity in the process. All the pulp and waste that comes out of the milling process is used as fertilizer to give back nutrients to our farm that surrounds the mill, no waste goes unused at our operation. A lot of what makes our coffees special is the attention to detail we are able to give each one of them, keeping our entire operation manageable by processing only Mapache Coffees.